There Will Be Beer (Good news from H.B. Express)

Original Hallo Berlin on 51st & 9thWhen I posted earlier in the week about the new Hallo Berlin Express set to open on 9th Ave. btw. 50+51st, there was concern over whether or not they would serve beer.  Well, I finally got to speak to Rolf & Wolfgang, who run the famous cart on 54th & 5th, and they told me there would in fact be beer served in plastic cups.  They expect to be open by the end of February, beginning of March, and the menu will include everything they serve at the cart, plus more- including (but not limited to) potato pancakes and a schnitzel sandwich.   How do you say, “I will be there on opening day” in German?


  • Ich bin Ein Wurst FatBastardkline.

  • Ich werde dort am öffnenden Tag sein!
    Ich werde dort am öffnenden Tag sein!
    Ich werde dort am öffnenden Tag sein!

    I will be there opening day!


    Just a lil humor for you since someone @ work turned me onto your site a few weeks back. I went to that spot on Park where they make the cheesesteaks but only with American cheese… WTF? anyhoo… I get there kinda late, see him whip 2 great looking double hero’s and as he is starting to make mine he says the worst thing possible.. “I’m sorry i’m out of hero’s….” I sat there dumbfounded and then left to go to Hale and Hearty. It was a sad sad lunch day.

  • But will there be milkshakes? DRAINAGE!!!!

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