Openings, Closings & More Closings (ahem, I mean “renovations”)

It’s the beginning of the new year, which traditionally means a lot of change in the eating landscape.  Leases run out, new places move in, and many use it as a time for “holiday cleaning”.  First the openings…

Yummy Sushi in Rockefeller Center has opened a second location in the Food Court at the bottom of the building on 3rd Ave. & 53rd St.  It joins Fusion Grills, Gourmet 53 and of course- the piano player!  I believe it replaced a different sushi place, owned by the same people who own Menchanko-Tei.

In the soon to be opening category…

Ignore the construction, the “food court” in the basement of the building on 3rd Ave. btw. 49+50th is still open- and the new sign confirms the rumor we mentioned a few weeks agoPamapano Taqueria & Pump Energy will be getting a new neighbor soon.  Clearly not deterred by the defections of two of their prime Midtown locations, a new Sophie’s Cuban will be opening soon.  The fliers on the storefront make mention of a “Grand Opening Celebration”, which can only mean one thing.  Free food day!  Once a date is firmed up, I’ll let you know.

Closings, plus closings masquerading as “renovations”, after the jump…

It is official… Tuscan Square in Rock Center has closed.  As reported by Crain’s, their lease expired and they couldn’t afford to renew it.  Wonder what will be moving in?  I’m keeping my fingers cross for a new TGI Fridays!!!  Ahhh… Top of the Rock followed by chain food.  I can’t think of a better way to spend my Saturday.  Whatever does move in, they better have a fried calamari sandwich.

Closed or just renovating?

I learned from Eater that a “renovation over the holiday” sign usually means a place is gonzo- but an employee at the 23rd St. F&B Gudtfood (which is still open) assured me that the 52nd St. location of the European fast food chain will re-open, at some point.  It’s not the holidays anymore, so they may want to change the sign.

Another “Closed For Renovations” sign is hanging in the 47th St. Japanese Convenience & Deli, and despite looking gone for good, a woman answering the phone at parent restaurant (and upstairs neighbor) Amakusa told me that both the restaurant and grocery store were undergoing renovations, and would re-open “bigger” in March or April.

And finally- file this one under I have no clue what is going on… Jin Chuan Garden, a seemingly dirty- but pretty popular Chinese steam table place on 45th 46th btw. 5+6th has looked like this for over a week now.  Neither of their phone numbers are working…

Thanks to Midtown Lunch’er Dan for the 47th St. Convenience Store & F&B tips.  If you have some news or recommendations email it to


  • Just hit Pompano Taqueria for first time and was greatly disappointed. But the thought of a new Sophie’s did intrigue.

    Also, methinks the Chinese place is on 46th b/w 5th & 6th, not 45th.

  • @DDR – Dude… do you want a job editing the site? I’m seriously retarded.

  • I was right! The place next to Pampano is going to be a sophies!

  • oooh free food….

  • I couldn’t be more excited, this is RIGHT next to my office! Go Sophie’s!!

  • The fish tacos at Pampano were seriously good last time I had them. But god help you with the wait at peak times. And bring a bucket to pilfer their sauces

  • Does anyone have an idea about what is happening with Yum Thai? I miss it — it was *just* good enough…

  • @Crackhead – I’m pretty sure Yum Thai is gone. Their phone has been disconnected, and the sign has been taken down.

  • I am just imagining the dirty looks the people over at the Pump (have you guys been to that place? It is not for the Midtown Lunch-ing faint of heart. It is like a cult, with all these creepy pictures of sinewy bodybuilders all over the walls.) must give the Sophie’s people every time they walk out with something fried in lard…

  • Yummy sushi is not soo yummy on the tummy. After two bad experiences at the Rock Ctr location, my advice is steer clear!!

  • The building at 143 E.47th St. that housed the convenience store was actually on the shopping block for $6 million dollars around last month. My guess is it got bought out by somebody and is being renovated for some new business.

  • but an employee at the 23rd St. F&B Gudtfood (which is still open) assured me that the 52nd St. location of the European fast food chain will re-open, at some point.

    Unless they’ve changed their name to “Retail Space Available,” this statement is what we in the untruth business call “a lie.”

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