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There Is Such A Thing As Free Lunch – Sophie’s Cuban

A new Sophie’s Cuban is opening on 6th Avenue between 37 and 38th Streets, and to celebrate their grand opening they’re giving away a free meal today from 11am – 2pm (while supplies last). The rest of the week has other surprises in store – see photo above for full details.

Freeloaders, engage!

Sophie’s Cuban
1015 Avenue of the Americas, between 37 and 38th Streets
(212) 221-7853

Sophie’s Serves Up Delicious Cuban Style Tamales

I started loving tamales when I worked in Corona, Queens, near Tortilleria Nixtamal. The folks there use the traditional nixtamalization process on their corn and make their own masa dough (the dough used to make tamales, tortillas, and other fun stuff) right in front of you! By the way, they now have a smaller downtown location, Nixtamalito, and they also provide ingredients to the food trucks Mexico Blvd and Kimchi Taco, according to their website. I used to have lunch there 2-3 times a week sometimes, and I really missed my tamales!

So I’ve been jonesin’ for some tamales, no lie. They’re cheap, tasty, and very filling–think 6 bucks to feel like you have big ol’ corn brick in your belly. But I hadn’t seen many places around midtown. But one day I looked through the window of Sophie’s Cuban Cuisine (the one between 45th St btw 5th + 6th) and I noticed they had some corn husk wrapped tamales for sale! So I grabbed a few of what I now know is a Cuban-style tamale.

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Make Sure to Ask for Extra Meat Juice at Sophie’s

Sophie's So the first time I went to Sophie’s and got the chicken with rice and beans, I thought it wasn’t that great. The chicken was tender but it lacked flavor and so did the rice and beans. I like to give a place a second chance before deciding if I it should go under my “never to go again” list, so the other day I found myself once more at Sophie’s. Earlier in the day I had this huge craving for beef stew and couldn’t think of any place for beef stew except Sophie’s.

Hopefully this would be just what I needed to forget about that chicken…

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Sophie’s Baked Chicken Makes Me Long For Salt & Pepper

Sophie'sEver since I heard about the fried pork sandwich stuffed with plantains from Sophie’s (this was almost 2 years ago), I’ve been wanting to go and eat it. But like so many places in NYC, I was just too lazy or never had the time. So recently when I found myself walking down Lexington Ave I came upon Sophie’s and decided to was finally time check it out. But while scanning the trays and trays of food in front of me, something happened. I decided to call an audible and get the baked chicken with rice and beans instead ($9)

I’m a huge fan of the baked chicken with rice and beans at Salt & Pepper (on 33rd btw. 6+7th), so Sophie’s was going to have to be on their a-game to win me over.

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Sophie’s Green Sauce Now Available in Jars: Over on the Downtown/FiDi section of Midtown Lunch, Andrea notices that Sophie's Cuban has started selling jars of their famous green sauce, and we're hearing they have them in all the Midtown locations as well.

Sophie’s Still Serving Pernil With a Twist: Remember the fried plantain topped pernil sandwich that Sophie's Cuban created just for the Midtown Lunch Sandwich Challenge almost 2 years ago? Apparently it's still around. Serious Eats New York had one the other day and it sounded like they were big fans...

At Lunch Now: Sophie’s Cuban Now Open on 45th

Got a tip that the new branch of Sophie’s Cuban (on 45 btw. 5+6th) had a bit of a soft opening yesterday, and our man Jeremiah just got visual confirmation.  They are officially open for business.  Online ordering won’t be up and running for a couple of days, and the actual “Grand Opening” isn’t until November 30th (when they promise they’ll do something “special”.)  But if you’re looking to change things up from your typical Latin lunch at Margon or Cafe Cello, you’ve now got another option in the area.

Sophie’s Cuban Coming Soon to 45th
Sophie’s Cuban (a full review… in pictures)

Sophie’s Cuban Coming Soon to 45th

Sophie's Cuban Restaurant

Good news for Sophie’s Cuban fans who work in the heart of Midtown. Construction has started on a new Sophie’s outpost at 45th st. between 5th and 6th Ave (next to Goodburger.) We’re hearing that the plan is to open in October, and Sophie’s feels a lot more confident about this spot than the ill fated 41st Street branch that closed almost two years ago. Looks like Margon and Cafe Cello are about to get their toughest competition yet. ¡Viva la Selección!

Today is Oxtail Day at Sophie’s Cuban: Looking for a late lunch? Serious Eats New York recommends the oxtails at Sophie's Cuban, which are available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. At $11 it's just over the ML price limit, but like we've been saying for years, it's totally worth it.

Is Sophie’s Cuban Slipping?

Cuban Sandwich @ Sophie's Cuban, Midtown NYC
Cuban Sandwich from Sophie’s circa 2007

Last week somebody posted about the price hike at Sophie’s Cuban in the forums, and the comments lit up with general complaints about the Peruvian owned Cuban chain.  From the sound of things, the once great Latin food mainstay might be losing a step at its remaining few locations…

From mkim1206:

funny you mentioned Sophie’s.  I went for the first time yesterday and ordered their cuban sandwich. it was pre made in the fridge. anyway, it was one of the worst thing i ate in a while.  The pork was dry as hell and there was no flavor what so ever.  I was so disappointed.

But wait… there’s more.

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