Sophie’s Cuban Coming Soon to 45th

Sophie's Cuban Restaurant

Good news for Sophie’s Cuban fans who work in the heart of Midtown. Construction has started on a new Sophie’s outpost at 45th st. between 5th and 6th Ave (next to Goodburger.) We’re hearing that the plan is to open in October, and Sophie’s feels a lot more confident about this spot than the ill fated 41st Street branch that closed almost two years ago. Looks like Margon and Cafe Cello are about to get their toughest competition yet. ¡Viva la Selección!


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    Don’t forget Havana Central (46 betwn. 6th and 7th) — they do a takeout business too, so this will be competition for them as well.

    I have been waiting for a place like Sophies, however, for quite some time around this area. I did trudge down to 40th Street (not 41st Street as the post says) every once in a while when their store was still open there.

    Question is, do you think the Midtown Lunch sandwich entry “Pernil with a Kick” will be back???

  • There’s a Sophies near me and have yet to be wow’ed by the hot tray food. Their sandwiches are good.

    Will need to hit up Margon soon.

  • i was never a fan of their cubans. mayve i will give it another try

  • it’s all about the aji. that stuff is like crack.

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    I hear its open today!!

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    looks like Pernil with a Twist is on the menu.

    just had their pernil + Rice&Beans platter… ohmigod deliciousness

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