Scaffolding & NYT to Blame For Sophie’s Closing

If only it had been like this every day…

Got a response yesterday from Sophie’s Cuban HQ explaining why the 40th Street location closed this week:

“It never really generated enough business to cover expenses. We had hoped that the scaffolding [that is up in front of the building] would come down by summer but instead their project is indefinitely delayed. Scaffolding creates a gloomy environment and has an adverse impact on sales. The New York Times building didn’t provide as many customers as we expected either and so we have moved on. We are searching for a replacement location in the area (East of 7th) and will let you know when we get ready to open.”

I think we all could have eaten more fried pork and plantain sandwiches… we won’t let you down next time Sophie’s!


  • did they mentioned how they changed some locations to “Tina’s” so not to post the calories?

  • “If that excites you”

  • @digger – that’s an interesting theory… do you know that for sure? I was told that half the family (who originally owned the business) didn’t want to expand and franchise- so they were given those two locations to run on their own.

  • Probably the peep show sign a few doors down didn’t help either.

  • I work nearby and although IMO Sophie’s is far superior, many of my cohorts are hell bent on Margon. It would seem that possibly had an effect on their business as well.

  • My co-workers like the one on 56th and have heard various reasons for the name change so I just figure the most likely explanation is probably true.

    IMO there is only Margon – zero reason to go to Tina’s.

  • From Sophie’s press release when Tina’s left the franchise:
    “Sophie’s management believes that outstanding quality, service, cleanliness, and value to our guests are the most important elements of our business. Tina’s is no longer associated with Sophie’s Cuban Cuisine.”

    Implying that Tina’s management doesn’t value quality or cleanliness is a pretty harsh diss. Not what I’d expect to see if the split was nothing more than an end-run around calorie posting laws.

    Furthermore, Sophie’s has what, 7 locations now? And the calorie laws don’t apply to chains with fewer than 15 locations.

  • Good points Rootbeer.

    Now, to look for that illegal food lady…

  • I got the illegal spanish food again. Finally some consistency – she is at 48th st. on Fridays. This time I got fried fish in shrimp sauce (which I had 2 fridays ago and is awesome), and a pork dish that I couldn’t resist, if only to try something new. $7 each. I will send a picture to Zach.

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