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Nixtamalito’s Chicken Verdes Brings The Heat

Winter weather doesn’t exactly lend itself to standing outside near the entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge ordering Mexican food. That being said, Nixtamalito on the south side of 1 Centre St. is still going strong in this winter weather (and you can order online if you don’t want to venture out) and I had the craving for something meaty and saucy. While the mole was just fine, the enchiladas verdes surprised me with how delicious and spicy they were. This is just the dish to warm you up in single-digit temperatures.  Read more »

Checking In With Nixtamalito Nets Tamales, La Newyorkina Cart

It’s been nearly a year since we checked in with the Nixtamalito kiosk over by 1 Centre St. at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge, but I was happy I did the other day. I was there to finally check out the tamales which have eluded me every other time I’ve been there. The menu for the kiosk has stayed the same, but I’m happy to report there’s now a cart next to it selling paletas from La NewYorkina! The details on that and the word on the tamales (spoiler: they’re really good) after the jump.

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Nixtamalito Finally Gets Its Paletas

Now that the weather is disgustingly hot 99% of the time, it’s always nice to find another source of frozen treat. Before the Nixtamalito kiosk opened, the word on the street was that they would eventually sell the La Newyorkina paletas popular at hipster events. Well, it looks like the kiosk finally has its treats on a stick, but they are instead from a company called El Sabor de Michoachan. There was a decent variety of flavors including avocado, coffee and Oreo and although I did not taste test one I’m sure they are delicious.

There’s More To Love At Nixtamalito Than Tacos

To anyone who says there’s no good Mexican food downtown (or in NYC…or anywhere outside of some shack in the back of a gas station in California), I would say you should go out of your way to eat at Nixtamalito. Or if you get called for jury duty at least you can look forward to a torta come lunch time. I’d gone when they first opened and ended up ordering tacos which were good and all, but I wanted to try some of the other items on the menu that you can’t readily find downtown. That was how I ended up standing in front of Nixtamalito in the pouring rain, despite intending to go somewhere else (indoors) for lunch. Read more »

Nixtamalito Makes Jury Duty, Working At City Hall So Much Better

The new kiosk venture from Tortilleria Nixtamal, Nixtamalito, opened late last week where Choza Taqueria used to be. They opened so quickly, in fact, that the signs for Choza are still up as well as a menu from something that was there selling breakfast sandwiches before that. I really liked the tacos at Choza and was sad to hear that they closed. When I heard that Nixtamalito was coming from the people making some of the best corn tortillas out there, I really wanted to run over and get a tamale, but alas President Obama was in lower Manhattan that day, and large crowds of people plus barricades meant no tamales for me. The following day I was determined to eat there, and so were a lot of other people judging by the line that stretched long even after 1 p.m.

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Tortilleria Nixtamal Kiosk Open, About To Get Some Company

Looks like that Tortilleria Nixtamal kiosk by City Hall, apparently named Nixtamalito, opened yesterday as planned serving tacos and such out of what used to be Choza Taqueria right next to 1 Centre St., on the side by the Brooklyn Bridge. I intended to go check it out but was thwarted by barricades for the president’s visit, and a large crowd of protesters, so if anyone actually ate there let us know how it is. It also looks like a grilled cheese stand called Center Melts is opening in one of the kiosks on the other side of the building along with a bunch of other vendors including one selling Hawaiian shaved ice!? Once again, I wish I had more than one stomach…