Tortilleria Nixtamal Kiosk Open, About To Get Some Company

Looks like that Tortilleria Nixtamal kiosk by City Hall, apparently named Nixtamalito, opened yesterday as planned serving tacos and such out of what used to be Choza Taqueria right next to 1 Centre St., on the side by the Brooklyn Bridge. I intended to go check it out but was thwarted by barricades for the president’s visit, and a large crowd of protesters, so if anyone actually ate there let us know how it is. It also looks like a grilled cheese stand called Center Melts is opening in one of the kiosks on the other side of the building along with a bunch of other vendors including one selling Hawaiian shaved ice!? Once again, I wish I had more than one stomach…


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  • Just hit the kiosk, still says Choza on it but is in fact Nixtamal. Unbelievably good, doesn’t seem dumbed down at all for downtown.

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