Nixtamalito’s Chicken Verdes Brings The Heat

Winter weather doesn’t exactly lend itself to standing outside near the entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge ordering Mexican food. That being said, Nixtamalito on the south side of 1 Centre St. is still going strong in this winter weather (and you can order online if you don’t want to venture out) and I had the craving for something meaty and saucy. While the mole was just fine, the enchiladas verdes surprised me with how delicious and spicy they were. This is just the dish to warm you up in single-digit temperatures. 

You can get chicken or cheese enchiladas verdes ($9.50) and like the mole, there’s three to an order, topped with lettuce, crema, cheese and that glorious sauce. It’s got quite the kick to it that builds so make sure you have a beverage or at least napkins handy to wipe your brow and nose. The tortillas were excellent, as usual, but it was the chicken that stole the show. The poultry is of the pulled variety and there were parts that were browned and crispy. Really, there was nothing about this dish that was off-point, although paying nearly $10 is a little painful. Still, if you ordered three tacos you’d be out about the same amount of money.

Nixtamalito is easy to forget in its hidden location, but you shouldn’t. Sometimes Chipotle just doesn’t cut it.

Nixtamalito, 1 Centre St. (south side of building), (646) 652-9986


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