There’s More To Love At Nixtamalito Than Tacos

To anyone who says there’s no good Mexican food downtown (or in NYC…or anywhere outside of some shack in the back of a gas stationĀ in California), I would say you should go out of your way to eat at Nixtamalito. Or if you get called for jury duty at least you can look forward to a torta come lunch time. I’d gone when they first opened and ended up ordering tacos which were good and all, but I wanted to try some of the other items on the menu that you can’t readily find downtown. That was how I ended up standing in front of Nixtamalito in the pouring rain, despite intending to go somewhere else (indoors) for lunch.

The kiosk now has a menu posted on the side and has a proper sign. The first time I was at Nixtamalito they were out of tamales, and it happened again! I would call it bad luck, but I think it was just the crappy weather, because why make a bunch of tamales you’re not going to sell? The tortas sounded tempting but instead I ordered one of the special plates – chicken enchiladas with mole sauce ($8).

There were three tortillas stuffed with pulled chicken underneath that layer of crumbly white cheese and crema so this was plenty of food. Think of it as getting three tacos for $8 that you eat with a fork.

The mole sauce was definitely a homemade affair and I liked that the enchiladas weren’t swimming in it. And did I mention how much chicken was in there? It was a lot. Based on what I’ve tasted so far it seems like nearly anything you’d order here is going to be good, and the prices are cheaper than at most other Mexican places downtown.

Nixtamalito kiosk, south side of 1 Centre St. building



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