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Wogies Brings More Cheese Steaks, Wings To Lower Manhattan

We got a tip recently that Wogies Bar & Grill had opened a second outpost in the city on Trinity Pl. (nr. Rector St.), adding to their original West Village location. They are known for cheese steaks, but also have wings and some twists on the beef/cheese/bread formula (there’s a sandwich involving chopped steak, fried mozzarella balls and pepperoni). No word yet on how the actual food is, so if you’ve stopped in, leave your thoughts in the comments.

Jersey Mike’s Pork Roll Breakfast Sandwich Makes A Worthy Lunch

I hadn’t visited Jersey Mike’s Subs since they opened their first New York City location on Maiden Lane (btw. William & Pearl) last July. That initial visit showed they did a good job with sub sandwiches at a cheaper price than nearby Dave’s Hoagies. An overlooked part of the menu is the breakfast sandwiches, which are available all day and are cheap. One of the items on that menu involves Trenton pork roll, eggs and cheese and it is worth your stomach space.  Read more »

Jerk Chicken Roti Is Perhaps The Greatest Value At Veronica’s Kitchen

So far in 2014 I haven’t eaten a lunch that made me super excited to write about it. That all changed on Wednesday when my original lunch idea fell through and I impulsively stopped by Veronica’s Kitchen cart because their roti has been on my “to eat” list for ages. Yes, we’ve sampled the jerk chicken before, but let me tell you, it’s superb in roti form and you get a huge amount of food for a mere $6.  Read more »

Tres Carnes And Its “Texican” Menu Coming To Maiden Lane

Chipotle should be just a tiny bit afraid because there’s a new burrito and taco source opening across Maiden Lane. Tres Carnes, which already has one location in the Flatiron and is opening another in Midtown, is opening where Pret A Manger used to be near William St. before the space was flooded during hurricane Sandy.  Read more »

Cairo Halal Cart: A Promising Plate Of Street Meat, But A Steep Price

It’s been freezing outside, and waiting in the cold for food doesn’t sound all that appealing. That was the case for me until a craving for street meat hit. I thought about where to get my fix, and decided to branch out to one of the handful of carts on the west side of Broadway at Zuccotti Park, since we’ve basically only reviewed Sam’s Falafel. I stopped at Cairo Halal to fulfill my street meat needs. The plate of food I got had some good along with some bad. Read more »

Lisa’s Pizza Is For The Cheesy Slice Lover

Amazingly, there are still a couple of slice shops in the Financial District that have not been written up by this site. Lisa’s Pizza is one of those, partly because it’s on a really touristy stretch of Fulton St. (at Gold) and I had kind of dismissed it. After trying a couple of slices, I concluded that it’s not life-changing pizza, but good if you like a lot of dairy. Read more »

Eating Pastrami From Secret FiDi Lunch Kiosk Dovid’s Kosher

Just when I think we’ve discovered every lunch secret in the Financial District on this site, another one comes out of the woodwork. While doing some online research for another post I stumbled upon a place called Dovid’s Kosher in a building on Exchange Place (at William) that I’d never heard of. I’d reviewed two other spots on this same block and wondered how I’d never noticed a kosher deli. It turns out it’s because it’s inside a building, basically in a hallway, and you can’t really see it from the street. This called for an investigation.  Read more »