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Tres Carnes Announces Date You Can Eat Their Mexican/BBQ Mashups

Many of you are excited about Tres Carnes coming to Maiden Lane (nr. Pearl St.), and I’m happy to report there is a solid opening date on tap. They open Thursday for your lunching needs, only a week or so behind schedule. You can check out some of their offerings from the review of the Flatiron shop, and get excited about not having to stand in that heinous Chipotle line anymore.

Tres Carnes And Its “Texican” Menu Coming To Maiden Lane

Chipotle should be just a tiny bit afraid because there’s a new burrito and taco source opening across Maiden Lane. Tres Carnes, which already has one location in the Flatiron and is opening another in Midtown, is opening where Pret A Manger used to be near William St. before the space was flooded during hurricane Sandy.  Read more »