Tres Carnes And Its “Texican” Menu Coming To Maiden Lane

Chipotle should be just a tiny bit afraid because there’s a new burrito and taco source opening across Maiden Lane. Tres Carnes, which already has one location in the Flatiron and is opening another in Midtown, is opening where Pret A Manger used to be near William St. before the space was flooded during hurricane Sandy. 

The menu is described as “Texican” and mixes BBQ meats with Mexican toppings in burritos, tacos and burrito bowls. Lines were out the door when the Flatiron location opened, and it seems the meats and salsas were pretty good, although perhaps a tad expensive (two tacos for $9?!?).

I’m told the opening will happen in mid-to-late January. The windows are still papered over and there was no signage up when I walked by yesterday, so it will probably be more on the late January side.

Will any of you forsake the ridiculous lunch line at Chipotle for Tres Carnes? Can you be swayed by BBQ meats?



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    Now THIS is exciting! Tres Carnes is dang tasty stuff.

    FYI, if you order chipotle online you can just walk up to the front and pick up your order, past all the suckers waiting in line. Hugely satisfying.

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    1000% leaving chipotle for Tres Carnes. My office had catering from them and I had the best tacos I’ve ever eaten. Damn excited they’re coming downtown.

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