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Lisa’s Pizzeria Closes After More Than 40 Years In Business

We got news this weekend that Lisa’s Pizza on Fulton St. has shuttered. The reason? The old “the landlord has raised the rent.” According to Lunch’er Seaweed, there were auction signs in the window on Sunday, only a couple of weeks after I finally got around to checking out their slices. You’ll have to walk a couple more blocks for your slice fix from now on if this was your go-to.

Lisa’s Pizza Is For The Cheesy Slice Lover

Amazingly, there are still a couple of slice shops in the Financial District that have not been written up by this site. Lisa’s Pizza is one of those, partly because it’s on a really touristy stretch of Fulton St. (at Gold) and I had kind of dismissed it. After trying a couple of slices, I concluded that it’s not life-changing pizza, but good if you like a lot of dairy. Read more »