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Downtown Lunch Will Be Saying Goodbye For A Little While

When the downtown portion of Midtown Lunch began, it consisted of a once-a-week post on Fridays. The posts were written by a photographer, so the pictures were a focal point. Then the site was spun off into Downtown Lunch, along with outposts in Philadelphia and Los Angeles, and there was new content every day. When I took over in May of 2010, the Financial District, where I worked, was a sort of dead zone for lunch options, consisting mostly of generic delis and straight-laced halal carts that didn’t stray from the lamb/chicken/falafel trinity. There were some notable diversions from that formula, including the Banh Mi Cart, Alfanoose, Zaitzeff and Veronica’s Kitchen cart. However, the lunch tide has turned in the past five years.

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Lisa’s Pizzeria Closes After More Than 40 Years In Business

We got news this weekend that Lisa’s Pizza on Fulton St. has shuttered. The reason? The old “the landlord has raised the rent.” According to Lunch’er Seaweed, there were auction signs in the window on Sunday, only a couple of weeks after I finally got around to checking out their slices. You’ll have to walk a couple more blocks for your slice fix from now on if this was your go-to.

Yips’ William St. Location Shutters Due To Lease

Sad news to report: Yips on William St. (btw. John & Fulton) was shuttered and empty when I walked by Friday night. The sign above was hanging in the window explaining that they lost the lease on the space (maybe because the price went up?). They had a good buffet and a decent sub-$5 lunch special. I’m assuming the Beaver St. location of Yips has also closed since it’s not mentioned in the remaining locations on the sign in the window.  According to a commenter below, the Beaver St. location is still open, but if you see or hear otherwise, let us know!

Baoguette Shutters, Leaving Us With One Less Banh Mi Option


Bad news to start your Monday: It looks like Baoguette on Nassau St. (btw. John & Fulton) is down for the count. I’d noticed the lights being off earlier last week, but by Friday a “for rent” sign had been strung above the space.

The chainlet was one of the only banh mi purveyors in the Financial District for a couple of years when it opened at the beginning of 2010, with the Banh Mi Cart at Hanover Sq. for company. Now of course we have Nicky’s Vietnamese Sandwiches (and Yushi) selling a variety of the sandwiches. Still, I became addicted to the catfish sandwich at Baoguette soon after starting work in the FiDi, when I was across the street from their original location on Maiden Lane. I won’t miss the yellow turmeric stains I got from pieces of fish that fell out of the sandwich onto my pants, but I will miss those banh mi.

Pret A Manger On Maiden Lane Is No More

In a somewhat surprising development, sandwich/quick lunch chain Pret A Manger has given up its store at Maiden Lane & Pearl St. It was heavily damaged during hurricane Sandy, along with most of the other nearby businesses, some of which have reopened, and others like the Hale and Hearty across the street are still being rehabbed. If you’re in need of a Pret fix, you walk a few blocks further up Maiden to the location on Broadway between Cortlandt and John streets.

Massive FiDi Food Court Earl’s Court Is Officially Dead

earl's court closed

The lights went dark in massive lunch spot (and bar!) Earl’s Court on John St. (at Gold) a while ago, directing visitors to their other location and not really saying whether the place would ever reopen. Based on the “For Rent” signs now in the window, we have our answer.

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Courthouse Worker Favorite Paulie’s Place Set To Close

Photo courtesy of Dave H.

You all have been good with the tips this week, but one from Lunch’er Chris brought some not great news about Paulie’s Place on Baxter St. (btw. Walker & White).

Just as an FYI – Paulie’s Place, a go-to cheap sandwich place on Baxter that serves many of the people who work in the downtown courthouses, has a sign at the counter indicating it will be closing “indefinitely” on Friday due to the rising cost of doing business.

In true Chinatown fashion, people online testify that you could get sandwiches and burgers for $3 or $4 and it was fast and tasty. Did any of you eat here regularly?