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Massive FiDi Food Court Earl’s Court Is Officially Dead

earl's court closed

The lights went dark in massive lunch spot (and bar!) Earl’s Court on John St. (at Gold) a while ago, directing visitors to their other location and not really saying whether the place would ever reopen. Based on the “For Rent” signs now in the window, we have our answer.

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Earl’s Court Closed For Mysterious Renovations

While walking by Earl’s Court on John St. (at Gold) late last week I noticed that the lights were out and the above sign was on the door. It’s probably not a good sign when a place like this that takes up a huge chunk of real estate closes for renovations after less than a year, or that their Web site is similarly under renovation. The concept of a huge food court had seemed exciting before it opened and it was revealed that it contained basically every lame offering of an airport food court with some decent coffee and cupcakes (and alcohol) thrown in for good measure. Guess we’ll have to see what happens if and when Earl’s Court reopens.

First Look: Eat Like You’re At The Airport At Earl’s Court

When I first walked into Earl’s Court on Monday when it officially opened, I was impressed that they seemed to have replicated some sort of corporate cafeteria or food court in a European airport. The food offerings are far less exciting than at first envisioned when the list of food options in this place was announced. And if the food doesn’t excite  you, perhaps the fact that you can drink there after work will.

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Reminder: Earl’s Court Opens Today

I don’t know how excited you all will get about food court Earl’s Court opening in the Financial District, but at least it has a decent bakery and milk shake bar! The big space will have seven eateries, which were outlined in a previous post, and I can’t say I will be first in line to try any of them, but I am thankful that none of them is a Subway. You can expect a full report later in the week on whether this is any different than eating at an airport.

Earl’s Court (Finally) Sets Opening Date, Is Bringing Us A Milkshake Bar

earl's court opening sign fixed

Do you remember when signage first went up for Earl’s Court on John St. (at Gold)? No? Well, that could be because it was back in February and it’s now the end of October. Lunch’er Doug wrote in late last week to say he talked to a worker who said they’re opening on Oct. 31. Sure enough, when I walked by there are signs up saying just that. According to their Web site, it will be a food court with seven different vendors including another branch of the Earl of Sandwich chain which already has locations in midtown (and seemed to get favorable reviews). Click through for an interior shot and the list of restaurants that will be inside. Read more »

Something Called Earl’s Court Pops Up In FiDi

While out and about yesterday I spotted a papered over window for a place to “Eat.Drink.Enjoy” called Earl’s Court on the corner of John St. & Gold. At first I thought it was an outpost of the Earl of Sandwich that’s coming to midtown, but that’s not the case. I have no idea when the paper went up (even though it’s next to the gym I technically belong to but rarely visit) and a quick web search turned up nothing, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see if it’s anything good or just another fancy looking generic deli.