Earl’s Court (Finally) Sets Opening Date, Is Bringing Us A Milkshake Bar

earl's court opening sign fixed

Do you remember when signage first went up for Earl’s Court on John St. (at Gold)? No? Well, that could be because it was back in February and it’s now the end of October. Lunch’er Doug wrote in late last week to say he talked to a worker who said they’re opening on Oct. 31. Sure enough, when I walked by there are signs up saying just that. According to their Web site, it will be a food court with seven different vendors including another branch of the Earl of Sandwich chain which already has locations in midtown (and seemed to get favorable reviews). Click through for an interior shot and the list of restaurants that will be inside.

earl's court inside fixed

It’s hard to tell exactly how large this is but it looks huge and has trees!  The restaurants that will be contained within are Earl of Sandwich, Greens, The Original Soupman, Sushi Express, Billy’s Bakery (third NYC location), Lavazza (coffee) and Shake Bar (apparently a UK-based make-your-own milkshake place?). Yes, most of these are chains but I’m not going to turn away Billy’s Bakery, a decent coffee spot that isn’t Starbucks or a place that perhaps lets me mix a candy bar into my milkshake.

Earl’s Court, 90 John St. (at Gold), (212) 227-6899


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