Massive FiDi Food Court Earl’s Court Is Officially Dead

earl's court closed

The lights went dark in massive lunch spot (and bar!) Earl’s Court on John St. (at Gold) a while ago, directing visitors to their other location and not really saying whether the place would ever reopen. Based on the “For Rent” signs now in the window, we have our answer.

I’m sure some of you did, but I never really had much love for this place. I love the idea of a food court with ample seating, but only one that brings us food items that we don’t already have in the area. I think we’d all get pretty excited if something like Food Gallery 32 opened down here, but I digress.

Earl’s Court, instead, aimed to bring us salads, sushi, non-awesome sandwiches, soup, coffee and cupcakes, all of which we have in abundance in the Financial District. When they tried to turn the space – which reminded me of an airport food court – into a fancy lounge after work hours, I was wondering just how many people would keep going to this place. I guess we all have our answer, and let’s hope something better moves into the massive space.


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