Lisa’s Pizza Is For The Cheesy Slice Lover

Amazingly, there are still a couple of slice shops in the Financial District that have not been written up by this site. Lisa’s Pizza is one of those, partly because it’s on a really touristy stretch of Fulton St. (at Gold) and I had kind of dismissed it. After trying a couple of slices, I concluded that it’s not life-changing pizza, but good if you like a lot of dairy.

There was a line of people who mostly looked like office and construction workers when I stepped in, which is always a good sign. I surveyed the slice options and while there were some square and many round, not all of them looked appealing. There was also less of a selection of specialty slices than I’m used to, with a barbecue chicken and chicken with broccoli about as interesting as things got.

I stuck with the classic options and got a plain slice and one with sausage for a grand total of $6.25. The thing I liked about Lisa’s right off the bat was ¬†they didn’t just shove my slices on the oven for 30 seconds and hand them over to me as most shops do during the prime lunch rush. They spent a good amount of time in the oven, and I was rewarded with a nice, crisp crust as a result.

The plain slice was better balanced than the one with a topping, in my opinion. There was slightly less cheese and the crust was crispier, and the flavor was accented with dried herbs and a light sauce application. The sausage slice had more cheese and the end crust was a little on the underdone side. There wasn’t anything particularly offensive about it, but I also wouldn’t recommend this slice. While waiting for my reheat, I spotted a woman receiving her chicken and broccoli slice that looked really good. Lisa’s also has an extensive list of pasta offerings, which might be worth checking out. As it is, I’ll be sticking with Rosella’s Pizza over on William St. for my slice needs when I’m in the area.

Have any of you eaten regularly at Lisa’s Pizza and have a slice or dish to recommend? Leave us suggestions in the comments!

Lisa’s Pizza, 76 Fulton St. (at Gold), (212) 227-1940



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