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Lisa’s Pizza Is For The Cheesy Slice Lover

Amazingly, there are still a couple of slice shops in the Financial District that have not been written up by this site. Lisa’s Pizza is one of those, partly because it’s on a really touristy stretch of Fulton St. (at Gold) and I had kind of dismissed it. After trying a couple of slices, I concluded that it’s not life-changing pizza, but good if you like a lot of dairy. Read more »

A Survey Of Slices At Pizza Pizza Replacement Justino’s

There was some intrigue surrounding the replacement of Pizza Pizza with Justino’s Pizzeria on the stretch of restaurants between Pearl St. and Stone St. Pizza Pizza was serviceable but not remarkable, but Justino’s seems to be another branch of an NYC mini-chain that used to have a location in Midtown and also exists in Staten Island. A look at the online menu showed some intriguing options including clam pizza and one modeled after the L&B Spumoni Gardens square variety. Lunch’er famdoc called for an investigation, and I was ready to do it.  Read more »

Underground Pizza’s Bacon Jalapeno Slice Is A Spicy, Salty Masterpiece

Way back in the day – more than three years ago – my predecessor Kevin attempted to try Underground Pizza‘s jalapeno bacon slice, but got denied. While he did sample a worthy vodka slice, I had made a mental note to try this slice if I had a chance. That opportunity happened late last week, and I was sad I waited this long to try it.  Read more »

Need A Solid Slice Of Pizza? Cucina Bene Is Highly Recommended

If you don’t know Cucina Bene on Exchange Place (btw. William & Broad) exists, you aren’t alone. I’ve probably walked by the block that this pizza place sits on hundreds of times, but unless you look over and see the neon sign proclaiming “Pizza” you wouldn’t notice it. Its entrance it right in front of one of those raised things to prevent cars from driving down the street, and across from a Blimpie sandwich shop.

Enough about its out of the way location…you want to know about the pizza, right? Well, I’m here to tell you they served me some of the best, no-frills slices I’ve eaten in my time as Downtown Lunch editor.  Read more »

Bravo Pizza Gives Us A Twist On The Italian Classic With Its Malawach Pie

Have you ever thought, “I wonder what my pizza would taste like on a puff pastry base?” Well, wonder no more, because Bravo Pizza on Trinity Place (nr. Exchange Alley) has you covered with its malawach pie.

We’ve seen our share of types of pizza in this city, but the kosher spot doesn’t seem to be flaunting its flaky take on the Italian standby.

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Alif Deli Quietly Peddles $1 Pizza Slices

2012-11-20 14.46.08

The section of Broadway on the fringe of Tribeca has two options for $1 pizza slices – Roll And Go (at Franklin, and Canal & W. B’way) and Joey’s Pepperoni Pizza (at White)- but did you know there’s another option? Alif Deli & Salad Bar on Church St. (Thomas & Duane) has a sign outside proclaiming there are 99 cent slices within or you can get toppings for extra. And you can get a whole cheese pizza for $8 (or is that $9? Red lettering on a tan background should be outlawed). Maybe it’s time for another cheap slice comparison.

Alif Deli & Salad Bar, 200 Church St. (btw. Thomas & Duane), (212) 537-0362

Order Anything But The Pizzalike Substance At Stamina Grill

I think we all know that the words “healthy” and “pizza” should set off alarm bells for anyone who enjoys food. I enjoy pizza of all stripes and quality levels from fancy Neopolitan to trashily delicious Totino’s Party Pizza, but what I encountered at the newly-opened Stamina Grill on Nassau St. (btw. John & Fulton) made me utter the words “Oh, noooo.” out loud as I opened the box of my personal pie.

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