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Eat Cheap Pizza For Charity At Slice Out Hunger Event

Normally we keep this site focused on lunch, but an event featuring $1 slices of pizza happening downtown after work cannot be ignored. Slice Out Hunger is happening on Wednesday from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at St. Anthony’s Church which is in Soho at Sullivan St. & W. Houston. A bunch of pizzerias donate pies, you buy tokens at the door for $1 slices, and all of the proceeds go to City Harvest. A bunch of Downtown Lunch favorites will be there like Prince St. Pizza, Da Mikele, Farinella, Ben’s of Soho and Rubirosa as well as others from pizza places all over the city. You can find all of the information on it here and maybe want to save some room at lunch tomorrow.

If You Love Pizza, Rosella’s Should Be On Your Radar

It’s not often I go into a pizza place and everything looks so good that I seriously can’t make up my mind which slices to get. This was the problem I had while at Rosella’s Pizza on William St. (btw. Beekman & Ann) last week. It’s off the beaten path, although I’m sure they get a lot of business from the NY Downtown Hospital across the street and from Pace University students – and from office workers in the know. The only reason I knew about it was because of two recent recommendations for both Rosella’s pizza and pasta from Profiled Lunch’ers. No matter what kind of pizza you like, you’ll find some variety of it here.

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Da Vinci Pizza’s Upside Down Slice: As Old School As The Place Itself

You know how sometimes you wander out of the office to grab lunch without a game plan? I call these “random lunches” where I just end up getting food at a place that I’ve always wondered about but never had a reason to enter. Da Vinci Pizza is one of those places and based solely on its weathered exterior awning you know it’s either going to be a great NYC slice or a lunch you’ll later regret. After walking in on a hot and humid day, I was faced with a huge selection of slices, no line, and a trio of men waiting for me to make up my damn mind about what I wanted. After spotting a tasty looking square pie in the corner I decided an upside down slice was going to be lunch.

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Is The Cheese Slice At Cafe 41 Worth Your $1?

Ever since Cafe 41 opened in the space formerly occupied by beloved deli Patuca on John St. (btw. Nassau & William), they’ve been trying to find their hook. First, it was trying to lure people in with healthy eats, but then they started offering $1 slices and that’s when I took notice. Because I think we all know that while people don’t really want a chopped salad, they do want dirt cheap pizza.

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Checking Out The Claims Of Famous Ben’s Pizza Superiority

In recent months I’ve seen multiple posts about Famous Ben’s Pizza on Spring St. (at Thompson) and their Palermo slice. It looked like a delicious brick of carbs, perhaps made not such a gut bomb by its absence of cheese. Then there was a post last week by Ben Leventhal basically calling the slices at Artichoke Basille’s overpriced crap (my words, not his) s0 I opted to head up to Soho for a taste of Famous Ben’s. What I found was a good pizza experience slightly soured by tourists.

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Round Grandma Slices Aren’t The Only Reason To Visit Pizza Italia

I wasn’t aware that we’d written about Pizza Italia on Stone St. (btw. Broad & Whitehall) when profiled lunch’er Matt gave his thumbs up to their round grandma and buffalo chicken slices. It turns out that former head Downtown Lunch’er Daniel had indeed checked out this round grandma pie during his tenure and gave it a thumbs up. That post even inspired Zach to muse about what exactly a grandma slice was.

All of this talk of grandmas and slices made me both confused and hungry, so I headed down to the bottom of the Financial District to check out this buffalo chicken slice and see what else Pizza Italia had to offer. Read more »

Oliva Gourmet Gets Into the 99 Cent Slice Game

Oliva Gourmet on Broadway (btw. Vesey & Barclays) seems to court the tourists with promises of plentiful seating and alcohol, since it’s right by the stop for those double decker site seeing buses. Now they’re courting the rest of us with a 99 cent plain slice. The signs don’t say there are restrictions on when the slices are offered, and it has to be better than the 99 cent slice at Papa John’s at Maiden Lane & Nassau. Now if only the other $1 pizza shops would trickle further down Broadway. Joey’s Pepperoni Pizza, I’m looking at you.