Bravo Pizza Gives Us A Twist On The Italian Classic With Its Malawach Pie

Have you ever thought, “I wonder what my pizza would taste like on a puff pastry base?” Well, wonder no more, because Bravo Pizza on Trinity Place (nr. Exchange Alley) has you covered with its malawach pie.

We’ve seen our share of types of pizza in this city, but the kosher spot doesn’t seem to be flaunting its flaky take on the Italian standby.

Bravo focuses on pizza, but also sells sushi, salads and pasta, among other things, and was buzzing at lunch time with a mostly Jewish clientele, along with a few tourists. You won’t find any meat here so don’t try ordering pepperoni or sausage on your slice.

The malawach is likely an overlooked item on the menu that also includes a caesar salad pizza. For $7.50 you get a personal pizza that was the size of the paper plate it was on – perfect for one hungry person or two not so hungry people.

I had no clue what a malawach was, so I turned to the Internet which informed me it’s a fried bread originating in Yemen, but also popular in Israel. Essentially, it’s layers of puff pastry brushed with oil of some sort. So far this was not sounding like a terrible base for pizza.

Well, in practice, the malawach was a bit rich when combined with the amount of cheese and sauce on here. The cheese itself had a pool of grease on it, which combined with the oil in the crust made eating more than three quarters of this pretty difficult. I did like the charred outer part of the malawach though, for its variation of taste and texture.

If you’re looking for something a bit different in your pizza, maybe give the malawach a shot. I’d recommend grabbing a couple of extra napkins for blotting purposes.

Bravo Pizza, 17 Trinity Place (nr. Exchange Alley), (212) 344-1111


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