FiDi’s Pizza Pizza Space Has Become Another Italian Spot

While walking past the row of lunch spots between Pearl & S. William streets, I noticed that Pizza Pizza had changed its name to Justino’s Pizzeria. A search online shows that it’s a third location of an NYC mini-chain that’s also on Staten Island and Midtown. The menu looks pretty standard, although they do offer clam pizza and an “L and B style Sicilian” which I’m guessing is an homage to L&B Spumoni Gardens in Brooklyn.



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    The Justino’s in midtown actually closed recently and is now called “Dough Boys”. It wasn’t exceptional in any way, but was a decent option.

    They failed to follow delivery instructions (tomato dipping sauce with calzones) so I blacklisted them. No reason to think this new location will have the same problem, though.

  • L&B style pizza? Clam pizza? Really? Is this just an effort to capture the current wave of pizza popularity or is it real? Midtown Lunch/Downtown needs to send a correspondent down to Justino’s right away…inquiring minds want to know.

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