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FiDi’s Pizza Pizza Space Has Become Another Italian Spot

While walking past the row of lunch spots between Pearl & S. William streets, I noticed that Pizza Pizza┬áhad changed its name to Justino’s Pizzeria. A search online shows that it’s a third location of an NYC mini-chain that’s also on Staten Island and Midtown. The menu looks pretty standard, although they do offer clam pizza and an “L and B style Sicilian” which I’m guessing is an homage to L&B Spumoni Gardens in Brooklyn.

Pizza Pizza’s “Slip Slice” Is Kind of Genius

Sometimes you see an idea involving food and realize it’s something that perhaps should be adopted more widely. That was the case when I saw the Slip Slice on the menu at Pizza Pizza on Pearl St. (nr. Stone), the sister restaurant to Burger Burger a couple of doors down. So what is this item? It involves two slices of pizza and extra cheese, but you’re going to have to click through for a visual.

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