Pizza Pizza’s “Slip Slice” Is Kind of Genius

Sometimes you see an idea involving food and realize it’s something that perhaps should be adopted more widely. That was the case when I saw the Slip Slice on the menu at Pizza Pizza on Pearl St. (nr. Stone), the sister restaurant to Burger Burger a couple of doors down. So what is this item? It involves two slices of pizza and extra cheese, but you’re going to have to click through for a visual.

I know it looks like there was a sad incident where a pizza slice ended up face down but this is what the Slip Slice is: Two thin-crust pieces of pizza put together, with extra cheese thrown on, and then the thing is put in the oven so the cheesy glue holds them together. Think of it as a grilled cheese sandwich with pizza as the bread. You get to pick two toppings, and I went with sausage and mushroom. This is listed for $6.95 on the menu but I was charged $5.95 so I’m not quite sure what was going on there.

It wasn’t until after I sort of dissected the pizza sandwich that I realized it was made up of a sausage slice and cheese slice, with the mushrooms thrown in with the extra cheese. If you’re in a hurry to eat two slices of pizza with minimal mess, this is the way to go. It looks like they have some decent two-slice specials, and some of the specialty pies like cheeseburger and the hangover sound interesting, although I heard the pizza guy tell someone that you have to order a whole one. And on a side note, the grandma slice here looked top-notch.

Pizza Pizza, 77 Pearl St. (nr. Stone), (212) 797-9692,



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