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Roll And Go Pizza Changes Name To Wanted; Ups Slice Price

It was a little surprising to see a new awning and name on the space where pizza/rotisserie chicken/shake emporium Roll And Go was. Now it’s called Wanted and you’ll have to pay $1.50 for a slice instead of $1. I’m not sure if the whole chain was renamed or just this location, but we’ll see if the price hike (and kidnapping-inspired signage) will lead to less of a line out the door at lunch.

Roll And Go Loses Its Mind, Adds Bubble Tea

The strange assortment of foods offered at Roll and Go on Fulton St. has expanded to include bubble tea, according to a banner affixed to the window. You’re going to have to pay more than $1 for the drink (it looks like the price is between $3 and $4 depending on type), but it’s sure to complement your cheap slice of pizza or bargain basement rotisserie chicken.

Beware The Rotisserie Chicken At The FiDi’s New Roll And Go

Many of you who read this site do so to find lunches that are both cheap and tasty, so consider my assessment of Roll and Go‘s rotisserie chicken at its new location on Fulton St. (btw. William & Dutch) as a public service announcement: Your $2.75 can be better spent elsewhere. Read more »

Cheap Eats Invading The FiDi: Sabor De Mexico, Roll And Go Outposts Spotted

roll and go fixed

After a long, boring drought of new places to eat for $10 or less within the Downtown Lunch coverage area, we’re now being inundated with choices. I just reported on a place called grk coming to Fulton St. between Dutch and William, as well as Baked by Melissa opening and now that same stretch of street has spawned one more option with Roll and Go signage up touting not only pizza (will it be $1 like the locations on Broadway and Canal St.? The price on the sign seems to have been blacked out) but rotisserie chicken and shakes. Weird combo, but whatever. When I walked around the corner onto Nassau St. I spotted signage for another cheap eats option. Read more »

Battle Of The $1 Pizza Slices: Roll And Go Vs. Joey’s Pepperoni Pizza

I’m not quite sure why the stretch of Broadway bordering Tribeca is getting all of the $1 slice love, but those of us working elsewhere downtown are jealous. Roll and Go opened a location at Broadway &¬†Franklin trafficking in pizza, gyro and breakfast sandwiches and last week Joey’s Pepperoni Pizza opened a block up the street at Broadway & White selling only slices and the odd Jamaican patty. I decided that cheap pizza was just what I needed for lunch and staged an impromptu matchup between the two places. One of them came out the clear winner, but you’ll have to click through to see what $2 worth of pizza looks and tastes like.

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$1 Pizza Coming To Soho/Tribeca Border

Tip of the hat to Lunch’er Mike who sent in the above photo of the second downtown location of Roll & Go. The chain is bringing its $1 pizza to Canal & W. Broadway after opening a location in the lunch-barren area of Broadway & Franklin back in May, much to the glee of cheap lunch seekers and office workers. Their slices aren’t terrible and the price is right ($1, no tax!) so its a welcome addition to the area.

Friday Extra: A Look At Roll And Go’s $1 Slice

Since we don’t have 2 Bros. Pizza way downtown the $1 slices that are common in other parts of the city are something of a novelty here. The newly-opened Roll And Go on Broadway (at Franklin) is the only place I’m aware of (other than craptastic Papa John’s)¬†below Canal selling slices at this price. When I got there the place was packed, but since almost everyone was getting cheese slices they had a bunch ready to go and it wasn’t long before I had food in hand.

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