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Battle Of The $1 Pizza Slices: Roll And Go Vs. Joey’s Pepperoni Pizza

I’m not quite sure why the stretch of Broadway bordering Tribeca is getting all of the $1 slice love, but those of us working elsewhere downtown are jealous. Roll and Go opened a location at Broadway &¬†Franklin trafficking in pizza, gyro and breakfast sandwiches and last week Joey’s Pepperoni Pizza opened a block up the street at Broadway & White selling only slices and the odd Jamaican patty. I decided that cheap pizza was just what I needed for lunch and staged an impromptu matchup between the two places. One of them came out the clear winner, but you’ll have to click through to see what $2 worth of pizza looks and tastes like.

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Broadway Gets Another $1 Slice Option: The stretch of Broadway in Tribeca just got one $1 slice place richer with Joey's Pepperoni Pizza opening on the corner of White St. This is a mere block away from Roll and Go which opened mid-year selling a solid cheese slice to hungry government workers. My question with the new place is, can you get a $1 pepperoni slice or is it cheese? Clearly an investigation is in order.