Friday Extra: A Look At Roll And Go’s $1 Slice

Since we don’t have 2 Bros. Pizza way downtown the $1 slices that are common in other parts of the city are something of a novelty here. The newly-opened Roll And Go on Broadway (at Franklin) is the only place I’m aware of (other than craptastic Papa John’s) below Canal selling slices at this price. When I got there the place was packed, but since almost everyone was getting cheese slices they had a bunch ready to go and it wasn’t long before I had food in hand.

Unlike a lot of places of this ilk, they don’t charge tax so I didn’t have to go digging through my purse for change. The slice is a little smaller than what you get at a normal pizza shop but it’s also about $1.50 cheaper.

The crust was actually the best part of the whole thing, and while it’s a bit thicker than you  might like, once again…only $1. They are also the kind of place that puts cornmeal on the bottom so be warned. This is not going to be a replacement for Farinella that closed nearby, but if you’re looking for an  insanely cheap lunch you could do a lot worse.

Roll And Go, 357  Broadway (at Franklin)


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