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Sabor de Mexico’s Burrito Bowl Is Perhaps A Better Value Than The Handheld Model

Sabor de Mexico seems intent on quietly taking over the downtown area, although not quite as fast as its close relative Chipotle. I had checked out the first location on Trinity Place (at Thames) when it first opened and was called Caliente Mexican Grill, and on that and subsequent visits found it was dependable if partly Americanized Mexican food. Their strong point is meats, which I’d tried in the form of tacos and a burrito, but they also serve them in a torta and the more desk friendly burrito bowl. I decided to try the latter when a craving for carbs and meat hit.

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Sabor de Mexico’s Now Open In The FiDi

sabor de mexico

If you don’t particularly like Chipotle (or its ridiculous lunchtime lines) and can’t make it to the taco trucks, you’ll be happy to know that Sabor de Mexico‘s open on Nassau St. (btw. John & Fulton). We’ve already reviewed some of the items at the location on Trinity Place (at Thames) and while some are found wanting like the Americanized tacos, there’s more selection of items and meats than at the chain places and it’s also slightly cheaper. There will be a review of the new shop at some point this week when a hankering for some Mexican food hits.

Cheap Eats Invading The FiDi: Sabor De Mexico, Roll And Go Outposts Spotted

roll and go fixed

After a long, boring drought of new places to eat for $10 or less within the Downtown Lunch coverage area, we’re now being inundated with choices. I just reported on a place called grk coming to Fulton St. between Dutch and William, as well as Baked by Melissa opening and now that same stretch of street has spawned one more option with Roll and Go signage up touting not only pizza (will it be $1 like the locations on Broadway and Canal St.? The price on the sign seems to have been blacked out) but rotisserie chicken and shakes. Weird combo, but whatever. When I walked around the corner onto Nassau St. I spotted signage for another cheap eats option. Read more »

Sabor de Mexico’s Fajitas Are Basically A Burrito

Earlier this year I checked out Sabor de Mexico on Trinity Place (at Thames) back when it was Caliente Mexican Grill. I’m not sure why they changed the name, but they were serving a decent burrito and some Americanized tacos at a price comparable to their closest comparison, Chipotle. I was mostly impressed by the fact that the sauces and everything seemed to be made from scratch although I could be wrong about that. Since I never went back after that initial visit I figured I would check in and see if they’d added anything to the menu and if the quality had changed (it did).

My test of this was ordering fajitas ($7.95) and what I got wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, but it did lead me to discover that they are cooking up some fine meats.

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