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Tiny Cupcake Purveyor Baked By Melissa Now Open: While walking up Fulton St. this morning, I noticed that Baked by Melissa has opened between Dutch & William streets and was chock full of mini cupcakes for your eating pleasure. I'm thinking a couple of cupcakes would make an excellent topping to a cup of yogurt from Red Mango across the street, no?

Baked By Melissa’s Tiny Cupcakes Coming To The FiDi

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A stroll down Fulton St. yesterday showed a bunch of construction on the street and some scaffolding on the sidewalks. Spotted amid this mess was papered up plywood emblazoned with cupcakes, and lo and behold Baked By Melissa is bringing its confections to the block between Dutch and William streets. We already have Crumbs in the Financial District, and this new cupcake shop is just up the street from a Financier, but I’m betting people (aka, tourists) will be seduced by the tiny cupcakes Baked by Melissa offers, even if they are kind of a rip off.