Are Baked by Melissa’s $1 Cupcake Bites the Last Straw?

Baked by Melissa

Last week saw the opening of yet another cupcake place in the Grand Central vicinity, Baked by Melissa (on 42nd between Lex+Park.) I’ve had the opportunity to try some of their mini cupcakes in the past, and they’re definitely above average: not cloying, good moistness, nice cake flavor, and tiny enough that you can have a few without feeling gross. With that in mind, I headed over to check out the new spot. The spot itself is primed for tourists as it’s next to the entrance to the Hyatt, and methinks the tourists will be their main customers.

$3 for 3 cupcakes

I like cupcakes, but when I saw the prices for these, I threw up in my mouth a little. $1 per mini cupcake. I’m sorry, but that’s just outrageous. The cupcakes are still decent, I enjoyed eating these one-bite bits, but $1! And they didn’t even have a little container for my minis! Tourists, your cupcakes await…

Baked By Melissa, 109 E. 42nd Street (btw. Lex+Park), 212-842-0220


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