More Cupcakes Coming This Friday!?!

According to Grub Street, Baked by Melissa (the miniature cupcakerie that launched in SoHo last year) will be opening their third location this Friday on 42nd btw. Park+Lex, right next to the Grand Central Hyatt.  People who get excited about things like this, feel free to get excited.  For those of you who don’t, don’t.


  • I believe this place is already opened. I noticed it while walking down 42nd street and popped in to take a menu. The cupcakes looked really good.

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    Funny thing…never hear of this place until Saturday when I took some boxes to my recycle center in Jersey and picked up a box that fell out of the dumpster with her menu and business card taped to the top of it.

    Prices seemed very reasonable, then I read the grub street story and see why, they are bite-sized.

    I would probably prefer bite-sized since I like the frosting more than the cake.

  • I’m in the category of those who don’t. So I’m not. Seriously, cupcakes in NYC are ridiculously overpriced and often are mediocre at best. Easy and quick to make quality cupcakes and frosting at home, maybe while watching tv in the evening, and they’ll last for a couple of days (or sell them to your friends/coworkers at a lower price than these stores/trucks do!).

    • Holy crap. These BbM cupcakes are barely bigger than a quarter (yes, a US 25-cent piece!) and cost almost $1 each. I heartily reiterate my comment above. You could make over $100 worth of these things for maybe $5 and have lots to share. I’m tempted to stop by the Union Square location just to observe who is foolish enough to pay big bucks for tiny treats.

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    For the sake of research I’ve tried this and I was expecting a lot more for my dollar. I figure, if it’s that small, it should be packed with flavor. Unfortunately they live in the average, nothing special range. I’d save up and buy a $2 pret cookie or if I was really feeling like a big spender, I’d spend $3 at Butterlane Cupcakes (Now those are good, and if you’re a frosting person, just opt for the frosting shot instead… I think it’s a dollar, but I’m not sure)

  • And yet they’re on their 3rd location. Money in cupcakes, who would;ve thunk it :/

  • Her cupcakes are good but are beyond expensive. Out on this one.

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    I remember I went to Union Square and I bought some on the reccomendation of a friend who was with me. When I got back to the office I took one out and wondered where was the rest of my cupcake. For $1? Too much money for 1/2 mini cupcake.

  • I think they were like 3 for $5 when I was in Soho a few weekends ago. Probably the worst $ I’ve ever spent. Seriously it was a one bit cupcake.

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