Underground Pizza’s Bacon Jalapeno Slice Is A Spicy, Salty Masterpiece

Way back in the day – more than three years ago – my predecessor Kevin attempted to try Underground Pizza‘s jalapeno bacon slice, but got denied. While he did sample a worthy vodka slice, I had made a mental note to try this slice if I had a chance. That opportunity happened late last week, and I was sad I waited this long to try it. 

There were actually more square slices on display than round pies and they all looked delicious in my hungry state. I waited in the line out the door, and tentatively asked if they had the bacon jalapeno slice. To my delight, they did, and a slice was promptly shoveled into the oven. As I paid $4.25 for the slice, I thought to myself that this thing better be good for that kind of money.

I’m not sure how many times I would pay that much for a single slice, but it was damn good. You get chopped up pickled jalapeño and thick-cut bacon, pieces of stewed tomato and spots of fresh mozzarella. The quality of the ingredients was much better than I was expecting, especially the bacon which was a notch above the grocery store kind.

If you’re not a fan of spicy foods, avoid this slice because all of the jalapenos bring the heat, but there was enough balance with the salty meat, cheese and tomato sauce that it wasn’t overwhelming. Again, I wish this slice was a little cheaper, but if you frequent Underground Pizza and are looking for a different topping option, ask if they have the bacon jalapeno the next time you stop in.

Underground Pizza, 3 Hanover Sq. (btw. William & Pearl), (212) 425-4442


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