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Zaitzeff’s Turkey Burger Is Quality, If You Can Swallow The Price Tag

Despite Zaitzeff being a mere two blocks from my office, I have never stepped inside the place, partly because it had already been reviewed long ago on this site, and because of the prices. I mean, I like a good burger, but is it worth paying nearly (or more than) $10 for just a burger and no fries? It was time to find out, and I picked the turkey burger as my guinea pig.

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Zaitzeff’s Terrific Burger Worth the (Considerable) Cost

Thinking about writing this post, I spent a long time trying to come up with some excuses for the prices at Zaitzeff on the corner of Nassau and John: They use high-quality beef, they make all the sandwiches and fries to order, they’re sitting on prime real estate, etc. But I realized that the fact that I want to excuse them might just be endorsement enough.

I love this place. I wish I could get a burger and fries and a drink for my $10, but I can’t. I still love it. I also–and I’d loved to be proven wrong–can’t find a better burger in the area.

The meat they use is terrific, a burger ordered medium rare is actually cooked medium rare, and the fries–even though they’ll put your lunch well over $10– are awesome in both their regular and sweet potato varieties. We could argue until the cows come home (to be grilled) about whether this burger is “worth” the price, but I for one keep going back. Quod est demonstrandum, if you ask me.

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