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Nicky’s Vietnamese Does Pork Chop Over Vermicelli Right

It had been a while since making a visit to Nicky’s Vietnamese Sandwiches on Nassau St. (btw. Fulton & Ann) and I was pleasantly surprised to see the small space was jam-packed with people ordering and consuming banh mi and pho. Scenes like this make me happy that not everyone chooses to stand in line at the nearest chain for lunch, but I digress. I’m here to talk about the third lunch-worthy item on the menu at Nicky’s which is the pork chop, chicken or tofu over rice or rice vermicelli. Yes, at $8.50 it’s more expensive than most places in Chinatown but as I discovered, if you want Vietnamese food and aren’t in the mood for a sandwich, Nicky’s will still fix you up right.

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At Nicky’s Vietnamese, Three Kinds Of Pork Are Better Than One

I’ve eaten at Nicky’s Vietnamese Sandwiches a couple of times for a banh mi and to try the pho but recently realized that I’d never had their classic sandwich featuring the holy trinity of crumbled pork, pate and cold cut. It just so happened that the next day was miserably rainy and I didn’t want to venture more than a couple of blocks for lunch, so Nicky’s sounded perfect. It was time to see how three varieties of pork stacked up against the pork chop sandwich I’d eaten on my first visit there.

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Pho From Nicky’s Vietnamese Does The Noodle Soup Genre Proud

It’s that time of year when there are days (like yesterday) that you just want to hunker down for lunch with a hot steaming bowl of soup. The recently-opened Nicky’s Vietnamese Sandwiches on Nassau St. (at Ann) said they would be serving pho and have delivered on that promise. This is the only place I’m aware of in the Financial District that you can get the Vietnamese noodle soup, and it’s nice to not have to hop on a train up to Chinatown when the craving hits. Read more »

Downtown Nicky’s Vietnamese Now Serving Pho: If you've ever despaired about the lack of Vietnamese noodle soup in the Financial District, you now have at least one option without taking the train to Chinatown. When Nicky's Vietnamese Sandwiches opened last month on Nassau & Ann a lunch'er noted that they would start serving pho soon like they do at the Brooklyn outpost. A call to the store this morning confirms that it's now available, just in time for the many freezing days ahead.

Banh Mi Invasion Continues With Nicky’s Vietnamese

The hunger for Vietnamese sandwiches knows no bounds (unless you make crappy ones), and with that comes a new branch of Nicky’s Vietnamese Sandwiches on Nassau St. (at Ann). They are already a sort of institution in Brooklyn and the East Village with cheap and tasty sandwiches. I was walking to get myself some street meat and then I spotted a grand opening sign in a mini-mall of sorts and Nicky’s became my new lunch destination. Read more »

Nicky’s Vietnamese Sandwiches In The FiDi Open!: How do I know Nicky's Vietnamese Sandwiches is open? Because I just ate lunch from the newest branch of the mini-chain on Nassau St. at Ann (On a side note, my earlier guess at where Nicky's would be is actually Bread Factory Cafe). Expect a full report coming soon, or you could go get your hands on a sandwich and some bubble tea right now.

Is This The Location Of The New Nicky’s Vietnamese Sandwiches?

It appears that fresh on the heels of Vietnamese Sandwiches opening in the Financial District, there is a branch of Nicky’s Vietnamese Sandwiches opening soon. I had spotted this space under construction on Ann St. near Nassau, and Nicky’s Web site confirms that there is a new location near there opening soon. There are a lot of vacant storefronts nearby, but this was the only one that was under construction or looked suitable for a sandwich shop. Eater is reporting that it should be open in the next couple of weeks. It’s a couple of blocks from Baoguette and pretty far from the other places selling banh mi, and Nicky’s definitely will win the price wars if it keeps its pricing model where sandwiches top out at $5.50. It will be interesting to see at what point the Financial District reaches Vietnamese sandwich saturation.