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Has Vietnamese Sandwiches Closed?

 width= I was walking around after lunch yesterday, and happened to notice that Vietnamese Sandwiches on Pearl St. was not open. Also missing was the sign board that’s usually outside and the signs that used to be outside announcing the store actually existed. Maybe not enough people were hooked on their buffalo chicken banh mi or stopped caring once they stopped offering a free soda. Has anyone eaten here lately?

Lunch At Vietnamese Sandwiches: Just As Good As The Shop’s Name

I had one of the weirder lunching experiences I’ve had in the Financial District at the recently-opened Vietnamese Sandwiches on Pearl St. (btw. Pine & Wall). Some of you had weighed in with reports of  long waits and mediocre sandwiches. With Baoguette in the general vicinity, a branch of Nicky’s Vietnamese Sandwiches about to open, the Banh Mi Cart, and Chinatown not too far away that doesn’t make this places’ chances of survival too great. What it does have going for it is slightly better prices than the competition and you get a free soda until the end of the month. So, what made this such a strange lunching experience? Find out after the jump. Read more »

Awesomely-Named Vietnamese Sandwiches Opens On Pearl St.

A friend tipped me off to a new sandwich place called…Vietnamese Sandwiches that’s on Pearl St. (btw. Pine & Wall). Yes, that’s right, it’s actually called Vietnamese Sandwiches. It looks the shop just opened, and according to the menu you can get a free soda with your sandwich until July 31 for their grand opening. There are eight different sandwiches for $6 including the usual pork roll and pate model, BBQ pork, roast beef and Vietnamese meatball. There’s also an avocado shake there that’s calling my name. If anyone checks this place out, give your first impressions in the comments.