Awesomely-Named Vietnamese Sandwiches Opens On Pearl St.

A friend tipped me off to a new sandwich place called…Vietnamese Sandwiches that’s on Pearl St. (btw. Pine & Wall). Yes, that’s right, it’s actually called Vietnamese Sandwiches. It looks the shop just opened, and according to the menu you can get a free soda with your sandwich until July 31 for their grand opening. There are eight different sandwiches for $6 including the usual pork roll and pate model, BBQ pork, roast beef and Vietnamese meatball. There’s also an avocado shake there that’s calling my name. If anyone checks this place out, give your first impressions in the comments.



  • Somebody hurry and review!!! if this place is better than Baoguette, I’m there! every day! I’m a regular lunch-bringer but this could be a lunchchanger.

    • Ok so i just went for lunch…

      this place like colonel casey mentioned is just average. I also tried their BBQ pork which i thought tasted similar to the one in chinatown the one behind the jewelry store.

      The only problem is i dont think this place is going to survive… i was the ONLY person to order a sandwich and it took a good 5 minutes. They use this little tiny toaster oven ot heat the bread and then put the meat in and then heat it again… i guess they never anticipated in become bigger and busier?

      I did like their pickled carrots and radish but the bread wasnt warm.

      the meat was pretty dry

      and not much mayo either…

      but i still give it a 5 out of 10.

      • yikes, that doesn’t sound too good. But I should say, the Saigon Bakery banh mi (the jewelry store one) is considered arguably the “best” version in the city. So if this sandwich is like that one, it can be considered a good thing.

        But yes, I’m sure you’re spoiled with all the good viet elsewhere. NYC isn’t the place for that, but hey, I’ll take what I can get.

  • This place has been open since around Memorial Day. Passed by it and tried the BBQ Pork Baguette. Overall impression is that the place is average…nothing out of this world but it’s a good value with the special ($6 for sandwich and can of soda). I think it’s worth the trip to try out and I’ll visit them again before the special is over.

  • Hmm I can’t imagine they have much room to raise prices, considering Baoguette is more “famous” and nearby with $6 regular banh mis. They’d have to be a step higher for people to justify any price difference.

    I’ll have to try it out sometime.

  • Wait do ppl actually like baoguette? cause I dont think its that good… its definitely not an authentic banh mi at all but ithink im spoiled growing up in houston with such a big vietnamese community. Im surprised theres not better banh mi s in NYC not even the ones in chinatown. :(

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    5/10. BBQ pork was dryer than the Sahara. Wait time takes forever too. They need to step the game up a bit if they are going to compete with Baoguett in the area. Not even in the same ballpark as Saigon or Banh Mi So #1. Go to Baoguette or take a long lunch and go to chinatown if you want your banh mi fix in fidi.

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