Pho From Nicky’s Vietnamese Does The Noodle Soup Genre Proud

It’s that time of year when there are days (like yesterday) that you just want to hunker down for lunch with a hot steaming bowl of soup. The recently-opened Nicky’s Vietnamese Sandwiches on Nassau St. (at Ann) said they would be serving pho and have delivered on that promise. This is the only place I’m aware of in the Financial District that you can get the Vietnamese noodle soup, and it’s nice to not have to hop on a train up to Chinatown when the craving hits.

They have four varieties: beef, pork chop, chicken and tofu. Basically they’re multi-tasking and putting the fillings that go into some of their sandwiches to work in soup. They are all $8 and if you are lucky enough to snag one of the few seats they bring it out to you after you order, which makes me happy that there is at least some preparation involved and it’s not just coming out of a vat somewhere.

I went with the traditional beef variety that arrived with several thin slices floating on top. While it wasn’t really rare since the soup had already cooked it some, there were some pink splotches that weren’t submerged in the broth. You also don’t find any tendon or anything in here, so I guess they thought they’d keep it PG for the FiDi crowd.

They serve a huge bowl with all of the trimmings and a good amount of noodles in the bottom. I’m thinking the first cold I get this winter, this is what I’ll be eating as a cure.

Nicky’s Vietnamese Sandwiches, 99-C Nassau St. (at Ann), (212) 766-3388



  • Glad I’m close to Chinatown where I can get my pho fix for $5!

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    I got beef Pho take out here the other day. It was really good, just what I like in Pho except missing my favorite tendons and tripe. They do take-out right, and give you noodles, meat and sprouts separate from the hot soup so the beef is indeed rare before you put it in the soup. Of course their sandwiches are great too, their EV location has long been a favorite.

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    Pho here is pretty bad, the broth had no substance, noodles were crumbly, and they give a paltry amount of meat.

    BUTTTTT, it’s the only pho in the area. So I will still go (already have twice since opening!).

  • worst delivery ever… 1 hour later and it still has not arrived… You call them and they cant answer your question.

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