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Yips’ William St. Location Shutters Due To Lease

Sad news to report: Yips on William St. (btw. John & Fulton) was shuttered and empty when I walked by Friday night. The sign above was hanging in the window explaining that they lost the lease on the space (maybe because the price went up?). They had a good buffet and a decent sub-$5 lunch special. I’m assuming the Beaver St. location of Yips has also closed since it’s not mentioned in the remaining locations on the sign in the window.  According to a commenter below, the Beaver St. location is still open, but if you see or hear otherwise, let us know!

Yip’s Lunch Special Is Good For An Americanized Chinese Food Fix

Many of you probably know Yip’s for its extensive and fairly cheap by-the-pound buffet. It’s less than $6 per pound and has a vast selection of carbs and fried meats swimming in sauces. Normally I would have been all over that, but this time I went for the $4.50 special I’d seen advertised in the window.  Just this once I was glad I walked past the huge buffet  (garlic fried fish, I’ll be back for you!) to the back counter at the location on William St. (btw. John & Fulton).

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Downstairs at Yip’s is Just Round 1

Yips could be a Manhattan restaurant empire, or “yip” could just be a Chinese word for restaurant. I am absolutely clueless. Either way, there are a lot of them. There’s the Yips that Zach wrote about in Midtown (plus Ho Yip), and The Google has listings for three Yip’s downtown as well a Yip’s Dragon Style Kung Fu on the Lower East Side. So while there’s nothing apparently “Dragon Style” about the Yip’s Restaurant on Beaver St. between Broadway and Broad, its sprawling pay-by-the-pound buffet is chock full of ways for cheap Chinese addicts to get their fix.

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