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Jerk Chicken Roti Is Perhaps The Greatest Value At Veronica’s Kitchen

So far in 2014 I haven’t eaten a lunch that made me super excited to write about it. That all changed on Wednesday when my original lunch idea fell through and I impulsively stopped by Veronica’s Kitchen cart because their roti has been on my “to eat” list for ages. Yes, we’ve sampled the jerk chicken before, but let me tell you, it’s superb in roti form and you get a huge amount of food for a mere $6.  Read more »

Cairo Halal Cart: A Promising Plate Of Street Meat, But A Steep Price

It’s been freezing outside, and waiting in the cold for food doesn’t sound all that appealing. That was the case for me until a craving for street meat hit. I thought about where to get my fix, and decided to branch out to one of the handful of carts on the west side of Broadway at Zuccotti Park, since we’ve basically only reviewed Sam’s Falafel. I stopped at Cairo Halal to fulfill my street meat needs. The plate of food I got had some good along with some bad. Read more »

Investigating The Mysterious Brown Meat Sauce Over Rice At A-Pou’s Taste

New menu items keep popping up at A-Pou’s Taste cart and some of them are so different that I feel the need to try them. When I walked by the other day, there was a sign for a new dish called “brown meat sauce over rice” next to the ones for pork chop over rice and shrimp fried rice. What I was picturing in my head and what I got were pretty different, but the dish wasn’t like anything I’d eaten before.  Read more »

Pho From The Banh Mi Cart Is Mostly Pluses With A Couple Of Minuses

Last week the Banh Mi Cart at Hanover Sq. and Pearl started serving beef noodle soup (aka, pho) which was a departure from their roster of sandwiches, spring rolls and drinks. This is kind of great news for the winter months when a heart soup may sound better than a sandwich, but could pho from a cart be any good? The answer is yes, but with some caveats.  Read more »

Bistec Is The Winning Meat At The Cocina Mexicana Cart

One of the last carts left standing at Liberty and Nassau streets is the Cocina Mexicana cart. The menu has stayed the same since they materialized in the Financial District back in June, except they seemed to have done away with the signs on the front offering daily specials like enchiladas. Maybe there was lack of interest, or lack of customers for those, but it’s a shame because not they offer the same few items as seemingly every other Mexican spot in the neighborhood: burritos, tacos, quesadillas and tortas. I stopped by to try the sandwich, lured in by the picture of one with bistec in it on the front of the cart.   Read more »

Afghani-Style Fish Plate At Halal Gyro Express Not As Fiery As It Appears

Not all street meat carts serve a seafood option, and even if they do it’s usually an afterthought and not offered every day. One of the best versions in the Financial District can be found at the $5.50 Lunch Truck on Ann St., with a spicy Eritrean spin on white fish. Among the meat-heavy menu at the Halal Gyro Express cart there is the option of “fish over rice” and that is where the description ends. Everything else I’ve had at this cart featuring Afghan food has been good so I had faith in the seafood.  Read more »

Just In Time For Oktoberfest, Schnitzel & Things Cart Frequents Tribeca

There is no shortage of carts on the two-block stretch of Greenwich St. between Chambers and Barclay streets in lower Tribeca. The problem is they are almost all halal carts with the occasional appearance of a food truck or two. Lately Schnitzel & Things has been frequenting a spot on Greenwich near Park Place and it seems both office and construction workers like the option of fried cutlets in sandwich or platter form. I do too.  Read more »