Jerk Chicken Roti Is Perhaps The Greatest Value At Veronica’s Kitchen

So far in 2014 I haven’t eaten a lunch that made me super excited to write about it. That all changed on Wednesday when my original lunch idea fell through and I impulsively stopped by Veronica’s Kitchen cart because their roti has been on my “to eat” list for ages. Yes, we’ve sampled the jerk chicken before, but let me tell you, it’s superb in roti form and you get a huge amount of food for a mere $6. 

It was unclear just what would be included in my roti other than the obvious jerk chicken. I was asked if I wanted some pumpkin in my roti, to which I will always reply “Yes.” There were also some chunks of potato and a few stray stewed chickpeas, mingling with the two drumsticks and another piece of chicken that were as spicy and superbly-flavored as ever.

The pumpkin was key in balancing the heat from the jerk seasoning, as was the roti skin. By the time I finished eating this I was seriously full and I enjoyed every bite. If you’re looking to save a couple of bucks and still be full after lunch, order a roti from Veronica’s. This brick of Caribbean food costs about the same as a platter of street meat and might even fill you up more.

Veronica’s Kitchen Cart, Water St. btw. Pine & Wall streets


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