Just In Time For Oktoberfest, Schnitzel & Things Cart Frequents Tribeca

There is no shortage of carts on the two-block stretch of Greenwich St. between Chambers and Barclay streets in lower Tribeca. The problem is they are almost all halal carts with the occasional appearance of a food truck or two. Lately Schnitzel & Things has been frequenting a spot on Greenwich near Park Place and it seems both office and construction workers like the option of fried cutlets in sandwich or platter form. I do too. 

There are actually quite a few options at the cart including chicken, pork or eggplant schnitzel and bratwurst in either sandwich or platter form. I wanted to try some of the sides so I got a pork schnitzel platter ($10) with Austrian potato salad and cucumber salad. There were a whole lot of shades of tan in my container.

If you’re eating the pork schnitzel with only a plastic knife and fork at your disposal you’re going to be eating lunch slowly. Thankfully the meat was tender and thin enough to slice through with the dull cutlery and benefited from a squirt of lemon and a dip in the spicy mayo I got alongside. The flavors of the potato and cucumber salads were sort of similar – tart with vinegar and slicked with a light oil. I kind of wished the potato salad was served at room temp or slightly warm, but that’s a minor complaint.

If you are willing to spend a bit more money and need a break from the street meat, maybe check out Schnitzel & Things. They’ve been there on Mondays and other days of the week. Follow them on Twitter to find out the day’s truck and cart locations.


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