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Just In Time For Oktoberfest, Schnitzel & Things Cart Frequents Tribeca

There is no shortage of carts on the two-block stretch of Greenwich St. between Chambers and Barclay streets in lower Tribeca. The problem is they are almost all halal carts with the occasional appearance of a food truck or two. Lately Schnitzel & Things has been frequenting a spot on Greenwich near Park Place and it seems both office and construction workers like the option of fried cutlets in sandwich or platter form. I do too.  Read more »

Eat At Schnitzel & Things Truck On The Cheap

I know we don’t often write about Schnitzel & Things on the downtown part of this site, because they’ve been around for a while, but now we have a reason to! There’s a Groupon today for a sandwich (with a side) or platter plus a soda or water for $6 (or $11 for a meal for two) which is more than 50% off. The truck generally parks in Soho and at the World Financial Center lot a couple of days a week so you should have no problem putting this deal to good use. Check the Twitter Tracker for their daily location.

Airing Of The Grievances: Why Have Food Trucks Abandoned Us?

You may have noticed recently that some food trucks that used to come down to the Financial District once a week have given that up. One that I’ve heard is mourned the most is the Schnitzel & Things Truck that would park in one of the worst places to find a good lunch, near Broad & Water. Well, lunch’er Adam has had enough:

No more Schnitz??  No more Eddie’s??  Maybe others?  What’s up with all the trucks abandoning us poor folks all the way down at the southern tip of Manhattan?  What’s wrong with Broad & Water? Any insight/intel is much appreciated.

I didn’t have the answer to that question, so I reached out to Oleg from Schnitzel & Things. Find out what he had to say about the situation after the jump. Read more »