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Cairo Halal Cart: A Promising Plate Of Street Meat, But A Steep Price

It’s been freezing outside, and waiting in the cold for food doesn’t sound all that appealing. That was the case for me until a craving for street meat hit. I thought about where to get my fix, and decided to branch out to one of the handful of carts on the west side of Broadway at Zuccotti Park, since we’ve basically only reviewed Sam’s Falafel. I stopped at Cairo Halal to fulfill my street meat needs. The plate of food I got had some good along with some bad. Read more »

Afghani-Style Fish Plate At Halal Gyro Express Not As Fiery As It Appears

Not all street meat carts serve a seafood option, and even if they do it’s usually an afterthought and not offered every day. One of the best versions in the Financial District can be found at the $5.50 Lunch Truck on Ann St., with a spicy Eritrean spin on white fish. Among the meat-heavy menu at the Halal Gyro Express cart there is the option of “fish over rice” and that is where the description ends. Everything else I’ve had at this cart featuring Afghan food has been good so I had faith in the seafood.  Read more »

Shafiq’s Halal Adds Dosa To Menu, Has Decent Chicken Tikka

Sometimes the best of lunch plans go awry against your will. How can that happen? Well, take my lunch at Shafiq’s Halal cart on Broadway & Liberty where I went last week to check out the dosa that popped up on their menu. When I got there super early at 11:30 a.m. I was told they had dosa, but after waiting for 10 minutes, was then told that no, they were out. I don’t have unlimited time for lunch, so it was time for plan B which involved ordering the cart’s chicken tikka.

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Three Pyramids Halal Adds To Hanover Square Cart Options

A nice-looking halal cart called Three Pyramids has popped up near the corner of Hanover Square and Water St. It proclaims “No Pork On My Fork” on the side, and seems to offer the standard meats over rice options. Also: chicken wings for $6. Have any of you eaten at this cart yet?

Halal Gyro Express Brings The FiDi BBQ Chicken Lo Mein Mash Up

When the Halal Gyro Express cart reappeared at William St. & Maiden Lane after apparently being damaged in an accident, I noticed there were some menu additions taped to the window. In addition to biryani and fish over rice, there was one that made me stop in my tracks. “Chicken lo mein? Really?” I thought to myself.

Of course I had to see what this street meat/Chinese mash up would be.  Read more »

Shafiq’s Lamb Kati Roll Is The Good Kind Of Greasy

At this point, I think I’ve tried most of the kati rolls available in the Financial District, at carts or brick and mortar shops. Some singed my hands with hot oil, while others were a more expensive revelation. Mostly I was looking for a happy medium between salty street meat and greasy paratha.

I still hadn’t tried the kati rolls at Shafiq’s Halal cart on Broadway at Liberty St. where I had a decent plate of chicken biryani soon after they started parking on the plaza. Believe me, it was hard to resist the lure of shrimp and fries or mini egg rolls on Shafiq’s sort of random menu, but I did.

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Quality Biryani Serves A Juicy Version Of Chicken Tikka

Halal carts also dabbling in Indian food have sprouted up all over the Financial District (OK, mostly in the northern part of the neighborhood), bringing us kati rolls and biryani alongside the usual lamb/chicken/falafel trinity.

I spotted a new entrant called Quality Biryani on Water St. at John last week and decided to stop by for lunch. A sign taped to the street side of the cart advertises that they have Bangladeshi food, likely vying for the business of cab drivers.

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