Halal Gyro Express Brings The FiDi BBQ Chicken Lo Mein Mash Up

When the Halal Gyro Express cart reappeared at William St. & Maiden Lane after apparently being damaged in an accident, I noticed there were some menu additions taped to the window. In addition to biryani and fish over rice, there was one that made me stop in my tracks. “Chicken lo mein? Really?” I thought to myself.

Of course I had to see what this street meat/Chinese mash up would be. 

The first of a couple of surprises I got when I ordered the chicken version ($6, and there’s a vegetable one for the same price) was the kind of chicken. I mean, I was expecting the usual street meat chicken, but instead it had BBQ SAUCE ON IT. I repeat: BBQ SAUCE. Underneath that was what I’m fairly sure was spaghetti, some cooked cabbage and carrots and a salad of lettuce, tomato and cucumber.

The good news: Afghani-style BBQ chicken isn’t half bad! The sauce was tangy and peppery and pretty much overwhelms the palate which is good because the pasta was plain except for the sauce that got on it. I do remember noticing a sign in the window that said they now serve BBQ chicken, but I really didn’t think it would end up on top of my pasta.

I’d have to say I’ll be sticking to the Afghani dishes at this cart, but I’m happy I tried the lo mein. It was carbo loading at its finest.

Halal Gyro Express Cart, William St. at Maiden Lane


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