Bombay’s Chicken Tikka Kati Roll Nearly Blew My Mind

If you work in the Financial District and have a craving for kati rolls where do you turn? Up until last week I thought the only options were a couple of carts at Liberty & Broadway – Bombay Biryany and Biryani House – where you can get street meat chicken or lamb gyro put into paratha with standard street cart sauces. The price is right at $5 or $6 for two of them, but they weren’t anything special, and I’d rather get the namesake dish or street meat from either of these carts.

Profiled Lunch’er Yury asked where to get the best kati rolls downtown, and all of the suggestions came from Murray Hill or Greenwich Village where they’re more abundant. I remembered seeing kati rolls listed on the menu at Bombay’s on Pearl St. (btw. Coenties & Broad) but hadn’t got around to actually eating one. Well, I finally did, and I don’t know if my expectations were really low, but the chicken tikka one I tried got me all kinds of excited.

You have three options for filling which are the vegetarian paneer, chicken tikka (both $8) or lamb kebab ($9). Usually when I see chicken tikka I order anything but that because I’ve only had versions that are dry, and I usually gravitate toward saucy dishes that can be dipped up with naan.

The kati rolls aren’t obvious on the menu which is dominated by steam table fare. If you’re in a hurry, I’d go with the latter and frankly what I saw going into the vegetarian steam table looked pretty damn good.

Back to the chicken kati roll. Inside was a pile of chopped up dark meat chicken tikka, shredded iceberg lettuce, some peppers and the key ingredient of peshwari chutney which is green and has a kick to it. This is all wrapped in a grilled paratha that wasn’t as greasy as the ones you get at the carts.

The chicken was so good you guys. It was juicy and nicely flavored on its own, but made great with the chutney added. This was a classier and more expensive version of the street cart model where the paratha nearly incinerated my hand with hot oil, but I would gladly pay the extra $2 and some change for the pleasure.

Based on this alone, I’m going to have to check out Bombay’s for its steam table fare. Has anyone had a really good dish here that they could recommend?

Bombay’s, 60 Pearl St. (btw. Coenties & Broad), (212) 742-2222



  • I’ve had these, but got some bone and haven’t been back. Is it worth another shot?

  • Holy hell, that looks good

  • My favorite is the Chicken Tikka Masala (perfect blend of spices)and Bhindi Masala which is okra cooked in spices…best okra I’ve ever had! Carmelized perfectly…hmm getting hungry just thinking about it!

  • I second the Chicken Tikka Masala also the Lamb Curries are a great choice too. Goes great with the spinach, aloo or tandoori vegetables.

    Yesterday when ordering my Chicken Tikka Masala over rice with Tandoor Vegetables, I also noticed Kati Rolls on their menu but never seen it, thanks for the pics and review! I might just go there today for the Kati Roll.

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    This place is authentic and good. How do I know? Just check out the local patrons, you know an restaurant serving ethnic cuisine is good if the “locals” are eating there too.

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    I gave this place two chances, weeks apart. Both times there were little hard nobules in the chicken – I assume bone. Please don’t go here, people.

  • im enjoying my first kati roll from Bombay’s right now at my desk. tastes great. cannot compare the trucks to this. no bones either. Thanks for the tip Andrea :)

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