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Find Fried Chicken With An Indian Kick At The FiDi’s Bombay’s

In addition to steam table lunches, Bombay’s on Pearl St. (btw. Coenties Slip & Broad) offers a few other items that aren’t commonly seen at competing spots like Diwan E Khaas.

They sells good kati rolls, and also a couple of Indian snacks. And then there’s the Indian fried chicken on the menu. I’d been curious about it, and decided to bite the bullet and see how this fried chicken was anything like Korean fried chicken or just the regular sort.

It turns out it’s a mash up, and one you might want to try if you’re into fried poultry in all its forms.  Read more »

Hot Clay Oven Plans To Reopen In 2013; Other Lunch Spots Open Now

hco outside

A string of restaurants on the bottom part of Maiden Lane between Gold St. and Water St. remain closed after being flooded more than a month ago during the hurricane. When I walked down the strip yesterday, little had changed from a week ago except that Chipotle had reopened and was absolutely packed. There was work being done behind papered up windows at Potbelly, but otherwise, your favorite lunch spots remained dark with no signs of renovation.

Hot Clay Oven also remains shuttered due to massive flood damage, and a lack of power and gas, but there’s word about when they’ll reopen. You’ll also find some updates on other places that are now open or truck’s that have relocated, after the jump. Read more »

Bombay’s Chicken Tikka Kati Roll Nearly Blew My Mind

If you work in the Financial District and have a craving for kati rolls where do you turn? Up until last week I thought the only options were a couple of carts at Liberty & Broadway – Bombay Biryany and Biryani House – where you can get street meat chicken or lamb gyro put into paratha with standard street cart sauces. The price is right at $5 or $6 for two of them, but they weren’t anything special, and I’d rather get the namesake dish or street meat from either of these carts.

Profiled Lunch’er Yury asked where to get the best kati rolls downtown, and all of the suggestions came from Murray Hill or Greenwich Village where they’re more abundant. I remembered seeing kati rolls listed on the menu at Bombay’s on Pearl St. (btw. Coenties & Broad) but hadn’t got around to actually eating one. Well, I finally did, and I don’t know if my expectations were really low, but the chicken tikka one I tried got me all kinds of excited.

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Bombay’s: Steam Table Indian With A Few Happy Surprises

Our options for Indian food in the Financial District are pretty grim and mostly consist of the locations of Diwan-E-Khaas and various carts serving kati rolls or biryani. The Desi Food Truck had a good run parking at Hanover Square until they got kicked out recently, and that was about all that fit in the Midtown Lunch budget. I’d never eaten at Bombay’s on Pearl St. (btw. Broad & Coenties Slip) partly because it’s nowhere near where I work, and also because I just assumed it was at the same price point as most of the surrounding restaurants, which are mostly expensive. Looks can be deceiving, though, and after eating at Bombay’s, I can say that this place is the Indian gem of the FiDi. Read more »