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Jazzy’s Is A Decent Source Of Korean Fried Chicken

When plans to check out a food cart went awry the other day I was left in need of a lunch in West Soho. That was when a sign outside the pedestrian-looking Jazzy’s Deli at Varick & Charlton streets lured me in. This otherwise generic deli offers specialties like bibimbop and bulgogi, but also, the more rare Korean-style fried chicken. Surprisingly, the meaty wings and drumsticks were better than I though they would be.  Read more »

Dirty Bird’s Chicken Fingers: An Adult Version Of A Childhood Classic

dirty bird outside
When I was a wee Lunch’er, my go-to order when eating out was chicken fingers accompanied by some sort of potato product. I would not say I was an aficionado, but did definitely favor the higher meat to breading ration than you find at somewhere like McDonald’s.

It occurred to me the other day that I had yet to check out the version at Dirty Bird To Go on Chambers St. (btw. W. Broadway & Greenwich). When I went on opening day, the fingers weren’t ready yet so I instead tried the delicious bone-in fried chicken. I had high hopes for these organic, fancy pant chicken fingers and they did not disappoint.

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Exploring The Strange World Of Wraps Within Texas Rotisserie

There are times where online delivery sites like Seamless come in handy…mostly when I am looking for a new place to try and see somewhere I never knew existed. This happened last week when I spotted something called Wrap Star that had the same address as Texas Rotisserie & Grill on Fulton St. (btw. William & Gold).

A look at the menu showed more than 50 wrap options including vegetarian varieties, one with crab cakes and a few featuring barbequed meats. I had my eye on a wrap featuring all of the ingredients of a fried chicken dinner. See how this turned out, straight ahead!

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Find Fried Chicken With An Indian Kick At The FiDi’s Bombay’s

In addition to steam table lunches, Bombay’s on Pearl St. (btw. Coenties Slip & Broad) offers a few other items that aren’t commonly seen at competing spots like Diwan E Khaas.

They sells good kati rolls, and also a couple of Indian snacks. And then there’s the Indian fried chicken on the menu. I’d been curious about it, and decided to bite the bullet and see how this fried chicken was anything like Korean fried chicken or just the regular sort.

It turns out it’s a mash up, and one you might want to try if you’re into fried poultry in all its forms.  Read more »

Atomic Wings Provides You With Saucy Poultry Without Stepping In A Sports Bar

Did you eat your weight in chicken wings during the Super Bowl last weekend and have a craving for more? That may just be me, but if you don’t want to have to go into a bar like Mudville 9 to get your fix, you could head to the location of the Atomic Wings chain near City Hall which is a subterranean source of sauced chicken on Broadway (btw. Duane & Thomas). When I saw it listed in one of those “best wings of NYC” lists, I figured it was worth a visit. Read more »

Tribeca Has A New Cart Serving Fried Chicken…And More

fried chicken cart

One thing the city doesn’t have nearly enough of are carts selling fried foods. Yes, there are a few in Chinatown selling things like $1 chicken legs or fish balls on sticks, but that’s only useful if you work near Chinatown. What if you want a fried chicken fix but don’t want to trek to Popeye’s or pay the prices for the delicious, organic variety from Dirty Bird To Go? I introduce to you the Fried Chicken & More cart. Read more »

First Look: Dirty Bird Finally Brings Us Good Fried Chicken On The Cheap

There are a few things we Downtown Lunch’ers are still lacking in the food department, and for some reason the list is heavy on Southern food including fried chicken and barbeque. You can get fried chicken at several places, but good luck finding the trifecta of it being quick, costing less than $10, and actually being good. Popeye’s was the go-to place that hit all of those ideals, but the location on Fulton St. shuttered. Then there’s Bon Chon on John, but Korean fried chicken isn’t quite the same, and Cornerstone Grill on Greenwich St. in Tribeca is good, but kind of a hike for most of us and they don’t have seating. So what’s a fatty to do? Get thee to Dirty Bird To Go on Chambers St. (btw. W. Broadway & Greenwich). I’m not ashamed to say I ate a huge fried chicken dinner at my desk and got grease all over my keyboard because the chicken was so good I couldn’t put it down.

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