Tribeca Has A New Cart Serving Fried Chicken…And More

fried chicken cart

One thing the city doesn’t have nearly enough of are carts selling fried foods. Yes, there are a few in Chinatown selling things like $1 chicken legs or fish balls on sticks, but that’s only useful if you work near Chinatown. What if you want a fried chicken fix but don’t want to trek to Popeye’s or pay the prices for the delicious, organic variety from Dirty Bird To Go? I introduce to you the Fried Chicken & More cart.

Tip of the hat to a luncher who alerted us via Twitter to this cart that’s in an inconspicuous spot at W. Broadway & Park Place. I stopped by on a frigid day and interrupted the man working the cart as he refueled the generator. He seemed surprised to have a customer, but luckily already had some chicken fried and waiting in a warmer. While I was standing there a couple of construction workers from the World Trade Center site scoped out the cart as they walked by. Hopefully next time they’ll stop because the chicken was tasty and cheap as hell.


I ordered up a two piece box and was given one largish piece and two smaller ones for $3. My inquiry of whether he had any sides on offer was ignored, so I guess he didn’t have any made just yet, or didn’t hear me.  In addition to the fried chicken, hot wings and a couple of sandwiches, the menu written on the window in neon marker (which did not photograph well!) touts fries, coleslaw, mashed potatoes and biscuits. I’d say stick with the chicken which is cooked in a pressure cooker I spotted inside the cart.

The breading on the chicken was nice and crisp and was a reddish hue although I didn’t really detect any seasoning other than salt. The bird itself wasn’t dry at all which is sometimes the downfall of cheap chicken. I could have used some hot sauce or something to liven things up, but that’s just personal preference.

If you’re looking for something cheap for lunch that’s different from the normal halal chicken or lamb, give this cart a shot. And if you happen to get something other than chicken, give us your impression in the comments.

Fried Chicken & More Cart, southwest corner of W. Broadway & Park Place


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