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Fried Chicken & More Cart Serves A Poultry Sandwich As Big As Your Head

Is it good or bad when you swear out loud due to the size of the lunch served to you? This was the question I asked myself after unwrapping my sandwich from the Fried Chicken & More cart.

I’d first tried the cart’s namesake fried chicken after they started serving food at Park Place & W. Broadway in January. The chicken was reasonably good, and most of all, dirt cheap. Since that first taste, the cart has expanded its offerings by leaps and bounds with several kinds of fried chicken products (nuggets, popcorn, wings) on the menu alongside cheeseburgers, a fish sandwich, falafel, pizza rolls, biscuits and fries. Unless you only order a single piece of chicken, you are not likely to go away hungry here.

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Tribeca Has A New Cart Serving Fried Chicken…And More

fried chicken cart

One thing the city doesn’t have nearly enough of are carts selling fried foods. Yes, there are a few in Chinatown selling things like $1 chicken legs or fish balls on sticks, but that’s only useful if you work near Chinatown. What if you want a fried chicken fix but don’t want to trek to Popeye’s or pay the prices for the delicious, organic variety from Dirty Bird To Go? I introduce to you the Fried Chicken & More cart. Read more »