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Popeye’s Is Probably Not Closed For Renovations

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I was skeptical of the sign in the window of the Popeye’s on Fulton St. that said the store was closed to “make needed improvements to better serve you,” since no work seemed to be taking place inside the unpapered windows. When I walked by Friday there was a repossession by marshal’s sign on the door, and I’m pretty sure we’re now one fried chicken joint shorter. They closed for these alleged renovations after a shutter by the Department of Health for various violations, so maybe that had something to do with it.

Popeye’s Gets Shuttered By The DOH


A little bit of late-lunch news for you in case you were going to get some Popeye’s for lunch today: The Fulton location near Broadway got shut down by the Department of Health, according to those yellow signs they plaster all over the front of restaurants. As I was taking the above picture, not one but two people stopped and frantically pulled at the doors to get to the chicken within, and didn’t notice the DOH stickers until I pointed them out. Something tells me this place will be as busy as ever once it reopens. Update: They’ve reopened and are sporting an “A” from the DOH in the window. It’s now safe to eat spicy fried chicken, everyone.

Popeyes New BBQ Chicken Sandwich Proves They Do Fried Foods Best

It’s rare that I actually want to step foot in a fast food restaurant although there have been a couple of gems discovered through reviews including Checkers and more recently, Potbelly Sandwich Shop. Popeyes is one of those places that I feel I can eat at every once in a while and not feel ashamed of it – completely unlike all those people who look embarassed to be eating at the Blimpie’s at John & Nassau every time I walk by. Normally, my go-to at Popeyes is spicy fried chicken but I’ve been intrigued by the BBQ chicken sandwich pictured in a giant sign on the window. It coincidentally came out around the same time as the BBQ pulled pork sandwich at Subway, although I trust the people at Popeyes more with making an edible lunch. The other day I took the plunge and stopped at Popeye’s on Fulton St. (btw. Broadway & Nassau) to see if they could do anything good with chicken besides fry it.

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